Amanda Brown is an 18-year-old old soul. Words have invaded her soul since she was very young, and she wrote her first story in bright green pen on loose leaf paper. Amanda loves books with normal heroines that find true love in the oddest, most surprising of places. She enjoys graphic design, particularly laying out her own magazine, SKGfun, for girls ages 14-24. She also enjoys watching movies like Titanic and The Book Thief, playing soccer for the Bob Jones Bruins, and pretending she’s a shrink when her friends just need a listening ear.

Contact her at amanda[at]5brownkids[dot]com.



-well, first of all, i’m in love with my God, the Creator of my universe-


-deep conversations-

-Blackbird by the Beatles, Nothing Else by the Stone siblings, Hearing by Sleeping at Last, and anything by the Mamas and the Papas-

-funny people-


-wishing dandelions-

-happy endings-








-overly realistic people-


Welcome to my world. I’m a five-foot-one brunette with a love for big words and funny posts. Stay a while, won’t you?

writing experience

  • took an iew writing course at a local co-op for 5+ years
  • featured in the write the world best writing of the year 2016 book
  • secured an a+ in two college-level writing classes
  • blogged on http://www.skgfun.com since 2013
  • edited and put together the skgfun magazine
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