What if –
What if she never woke up
What if he never got better
What if they never saw the sun set
And then-
Her eyes were closed
His body was covered
Their remains were buried
But then –
Her passing brought understanding
His death brought healing
Their demise brought hope

And so –
Old doors were sealed shut
Rotten pipes were gutted out
The walls were painted a new color
Because –
Broken hearts were mended
Streaming tears were stopped
New doors were found




It’s been


Ten days.

So much has changed.

My whole world has been

Turned upside down.

Every day you aren’t here to

Wash my favorite shirt;

Make my favorite meal;

Play my favorite song;

I’ve felt it in my heart.

Every day that I wake up to

Tears me apart

Just a bit more.

I was a puzzle;

You figured me out;

And now that you’ve left

I’m coming undone again.

You see . . .

You weren’t the only one who would never smile again.

You weren’t the only one who was buried.

You weren’t the only one whose heart stopped beating.

Ten days ago…

You weren’t the only one who died.

Inspired by a little old man I saw, kneeling at a grave today, with a fresh bouquet of flowers. ❤