Driving down the road

My brother says something

Can’t remember what

But I respond back

Rolling my eyes

“It’s just a minute.”

We continue down the road

The stoplight is out

I have to turn left

Oh crud

I look left and right

Cars are all around me

Like sharks surrounding

A shipwrecked boat

Cars leak from the right like

Blood from a wound

It seems it’ll never stop

Then a truck lets the car in front of me go

I’m tired of waiting

So I hit the gas

I speed forward

The truck starts to go

(People are wrong

When bad things happen

They don’t slow down

They speed up)

All I see is the front hood of the truck

I remember my brothers are in the car

I remember I have to be responsible

Have to protect them

Even though I’m scared

Still a little girl at heart

I slam the gas and swerve around

The truck lays on its horn

I barely get by

My heart speeds up

Violently hits against my chest

Like a bird trying to escape a room

I look at my brother

“It’s just a minute.”

That’s all I hear

But that’s not the truth

It’s not just a minute

It’s the difference between

Life and death

Old and young

Me and you.


A true story from just yesterday.



What would the mother tell her daughter

If she knew she wouldn’t make it home

That night?

What would the husband say to his wife

If he knew he’d never come back

Across the sea?

What would the teenager tell his brother

If he knew they’d never come

Face to face again?

What would you tell me

If you knew the next time you saw me

I’d be in a wooden box, surrounded by flowers?

Everyone acts like they’ll be around tomorrow.

But the funny thing about life is:

We were never granted we’d survive yesterday;

God didn’t promise we’d get through today;

And who knows if you’ll wake up tomorrow.