Happy Poetry Day! 😉

Do you know the feeling

Of loneliness?

No, not that.

People think it’s quietness,



But that’s not true.

It’s this


That you can never run away from.

It makes you

Curl up against a wall,

Hands holding your knees against your chest,

As if it’s the only thing keeping you together.

It’s watching out a window

And realizing that

Even though there are a billion people in the world

Not a single one cares if you’re there.

Cares if you’re not there.


True loneliness is numbing.


It’s in the pit of your stomach.

Even though you are surrounded by people

At school

At work

It wouldn’t make any difference if you weren’t there.

It’s numbing.

I should know.


I originally published a different poem here but then realized I published that poem a few weeks ago, so I made this one up off the top of my head.