It’s like the sea missing the desert;
The moon kissing the sun;
The priest looking after the heathen.

It’s like my heart pumping ice;
trees shedding blood;
clouds dripping leaves.

Like snow in July;
Flowers in December;
Harvest in March.

It’s like black seeing color;
Guitars singing vision;
Mouths hearing sound.

Like life loving death;
Like water begging for fire;
Like You loving me.



Everyone should have a word
That defines them.
Some are giving,
Some are good at everything;
Some are lucky,
Some not so much.
I want to be
To do the impossible,
To love impossible people,
To dream of impossible things.
It’s just me.
I like to reach for the stars
Just out of my reach,
Climb the tree that
Everyone knows is going to fall.
I just want to stand on top
Of the moon,
Smile when I reach the last branch of the tree
And say
You thought I couldn’t?
But I did.
But deep down,
I’m terrified.
I’m scared of the impossible.
What if I fail?
What if I never feel the crisp air of outer space,
What if the branch cracks and falls
And those people were right?
But I have to remind myself–
I have those desires for a reason.
I live for the greatest purpose of all.
I’m in this position because
someone greater put me there
And I can’t fail.
It’s impossible.
By man’s standards, I may fall.
The laughter of my enemies
May throw salt on my wounds.
But I have to be BRAVE.
I can’t be afraid to FAIL.
I must lace up my combat boots,
Cock my gun,
And stare my goal straight in the eye.
And once I know what it is
I have to run continually and bravely,
Never losing focus or daring to even consider giving up.
Because that is who I am.
That is what I must do.
I am the girl who does the impossible.