The Memory Jumper

The Memory Jumper (or Blackbird) is an uncompleted dystopian YA novel. Think Rapunzel meets dystopia.

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Back cover blurb

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

All your life

You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

“I have never before touched grass.

I do not know the feeling of rain on my cheek.

My vacations do not involve trips to the ocean or the mountains, but rather hours spent in books alone in my room.

The only outdoor experiences I have had are second-hand.

I am a Memory Jumper.”

Adelaide is the last Memory Jumper, a race of humans that have the uncanny ability to jump into other peoples’ brains and manipulate, create and view memories. Her adopted mother Fawn has turned this into a curse, forcing Adelaide to use her powers against her will.

But Adelaide is scared. There isn’t a brave bone in her body . . . or is there?

Sometimes bravery can show itself in the most afraid of times. But when Adelaide finds something worth fighting for, it may be too late to save something she barely even had and she’ll lapse into cowardly isolation for the rest of her life.


The sky bleeds on for eternity. The world really isn’t tiny at all. I’ve never seen such colors before in my life; indescribable, a painting of majesty. It’s what life would look like if you could see it: colorful, bright, and over in what seems like too short a time.

“Be brave.” Mason’s words tremble through me, and I shiver. Why should I be brave? If I go through with this, I’m guaranteed a golden cage. I’ll be the exotic bird in the corner everyone simply takes care of and then ignores.

I’ll be safe. But I won’t be loved.

But love is better than safety, right? Love will bring me danger, but I’ll be really and truly alive.

I look over the balcony. People mill around, bringing flowers and food into the castle. All those people down there could die tonight.

I could die tonight. If not physically, then mentally.

And I decide right then and there.